About this website

In a world full of emails, texts, tweets, posts, links and assorted white noise you don’t have time for yet another blog full of opinions. This isn’t one.

Instead, you will find short posts inspired by ideas from philosophy, religion, history and politics. Occasionally I like to introduce a neglected angle on current affairs. All of these are meant to inspire further thought.

About me

I began adult life by indulging in a philosophy and theology degree, and then spent four years earning my place in the world: finishing as a regional marketing manager in the local newspaper industry. During that time I also studied law and served as an Army reservist. I now teach all my favourite subjects in a secondary boarding school: religious studies, politics and history.  During vacations I revert to my natural state of reading, writing and painting.  Sometimes interspersed with fruitless forays onto the golf course, or excursions to stare at old buildings.